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i've been thinking about replacing the capacitors on the crossover board in my 40yr old speakers. the existing caps don't give any indication of a + or - that i can tell. is there a way to determine which way the new ones should be installed? the originals have an axial configuration and the name on them is 'minerva'. on each end of the name the cylinder is ringed with +'s. don't know if this is decorative or informational.
i'm doing groundwork at this point, so i would appreciateany thoughts. thanx.


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The caps are not blocking DC. They are working at audio frequencies, meaning alternating current. You need bypolar caps or two caps of twice the value back to back (in series).

"A non-polarized ("non polar") capacitor is a type of capacitor that has no implicit polarity -- it can be connected either way in a circuit. Ceramic, mica and some electrolytic capacitors are non-polarized. You'll also sometimes hear people call them "bipolar" capacitors."


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Or better yet I suggest try to find capacitors that are designed for audio cross over networks. Working voltage should be above 50VAC and some times is higher depending on the cross over power handling capacity.
I have a better suggestion that could do without crossovers, it will give the purest sound that you have ever heard, I have built one and I never believed music is so beautiful and clean.
What do u say?