realtime video editting !!

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lesin akbar

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I wanted to put some logo(of our club) or text into some part of the screen of my projector which is projecting a video which is received in real time by means of satellite. No computer interfacing is present. The antenna receives it, then through an interface it is directly send to the projector. Once the logo is added i need not have to change it, i mean its static. Is there a way out ? can any one help, plz.


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Not quite clear yet. Is this logo a stand alone on the screen, or do you want to overlay it on a second display, similar to what the networks currently use.

If it is the former, and you are adamite about not using a computer, you could draw your logo on a poster board and videotape it. A lot of computers have video out though, so you could use computer graphics and tape that. I've done something similar over 20 years ago with my Commodore 64 for a title screen.

If you want to overlay a logo on an active moving display that can be done electronically, but not easily. I used to see such projects in my Popular Electronics mags well over 10 years ago.
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