Really stuck newbie needs help

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Just wondering if someone here would be willing to do phone tutoring with a very beginner in electronics. I have been enrolled in distance learning for about a year and a half now and not moving very fast at all towards graduating and was trying to find someone who could maybe walk me threw some stuff or maybe online. I have not been able to get the help needed from my instructors and always seem to get an attitude after a few dumb questions and I have to much money invested at this point to go somewhere else. I know it sounds stupid but at this point I feel trapped. I anyone is willing please let me know. Would even like to hear from anyone in a similar situation.

Thanks for any help and for reading.


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There are plenty of people who post their questions here almost on a daily basis while in the middle of their semester.

If you are not willing to dedicate some time to explain your problem to us, then probably we won't find time to explain its solution.


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You can learn a lot from the posts.

You can also learn a lot from YouTube, actually, The MIT EE Undergrad online classes are free and cover just about everything.

The replies to questions are usually very thorough, and will usually answer one of your other questions as well.


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I would encourage you to post directly here. No one will discourage you as long as you try to solve the questions yourself first :) The more questions are asked, the more everybody learns!!!