Really simple circuit

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Hi, I know I am thinking WAY too hard on this. I keep confusing myself even more on the very small things. I can do nodal analysis, mesh current, current/voltage division but it seems like I always confuse myself over polarity references and simple answers that I just can't see.

I need some help with this circuit, I know its pretty simple but I think I'm thinking too hard.

Regarding my attachment:

View the top as black box, it doesn't matter.

I need to solve for Vx:

Is it simply just -i1 / R1 because I'm thinking only the current source is passing through the resistor right now? Or do I actually have to apply KCL at the node? If it really isn't that simple then I think I have an idea of what to do (regarding the entire circuit) but I just need this for clarification first.



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the top is clipped off?
is the circuit completed by connecting the three wires?
in that case i think it should be -i1/r1
just simply apply superposition in case you are confused.