really need help on electronics coursework really really stuck!!!!

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    Feb 5, 2012
    hello their i am really really stuck on my coursework and it has to be in for thursday 9th feb please help.

    okay so basicly were using a program called icon 2 soft electronics, and were supposed to make a program that hits the mark breif. my task is to incorporate various latches and stuff to make my program and i am very stuck.

    The target is for me to:

    1 incorporate digital switch/es and analogue sensor/s
    2 use switches/sensors which perform both AND and OR functions on a single rung
    3 use a software switch as a latch
    4 use a software switch which is triggered from a real or virtual output on another rung
    5 use a combination of software switches to control an action on a single rung
    6 use a counter which is reset either automatically or manualy
    7 used two types of timer funcions in one program
    9 use pulse production with justification of the frequency setting chosen
    10 use a sequencer function

    my project tittle is a movie projector and is based on that. My specification for this is :

    when switch one is pressed indicator one turns on and the projector starts up

    when switch one is pressed again indicator 2 is turned on after a period of 4 seconds and the projection begins

    when switch 2 is pressed indicator 1 flashes for a period of 2 seconds and then stays on and the projection is turned off

    when switch 3 is pressed indicator 1 and 2 flash for 2 seconds and the whole projector turns off.

    i need to incorporate that into rungs and place it into the software and hit the targets above i really really need help on this as i am really stuck and have a feeling am going to fail as no one not even the teacher or my friends are helping me please can someone help me or inbox me to help me i will give them the program if needed its free and il give them a my email address

    really appreciate your help.
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    Sorry Mate...

    We do not work that no one will spoon feed you.

    If you want help, you have to come up with something.
    Just throwing in the question will get ur thread ignored.

    So draw something ..anything......u need to start, it's your life, deal with it like man.

    Start thinking.
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    In case Rifaa wasn't understood, we need you to post any progress or effort you have done so far, before giving you any help.
    We will not do your homework for you.
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    Feb 5, 2012
    yes i understand thanks and yeah i am still working on it and will be posting and image of the rungs soon =D
  5. khaasus

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    Feb 5, 2012
    showing all the rungs.jpg

    switch 1 is pressed indicator 2 comes on after 4 seconds.jpg

    switch 2 is pressed indicator 1 blinks.jpg

    switch 2 is pressed indicator 1 blinks off.jpg

    rung 3.jpg
    so far this is what i got i just wana try making the actualy specification before i try and hit the target so so far when i press switch 1 indicator 2 turns on and stays constant i cannot get it to do that once i press it again releasing the acutal switch 1. in rung 3 i can get the indicator to blink but not stay constant after the 2 seconds instead i get a 2 second hold and then a blink that never ends i am still working on it please could use ur help thanks
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