Real world applications of basic logic gates??

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Sir i am having a group discussion on various real world applications of logic gates.i would be really thankful to you people in helping me out nd helping me find some material related to the topic....thanks....


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The whole electronics semiconductor are based on these basic logic gates from small led blinking to micro controller to super computer work on it!
as the size of processing increases the logic inside it also increases in billion times
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The first lunar landing module computer was made up entirely of thousands of NAND gates.

According to my electronics teacher you can build pretty much anything with enough NAND's only.


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Can i get a particular example which cn be discussed in detail?
Absolutely and it's the heart of all computing as we know it. Every time you press a key on your computer, microwave oven, cell phone, car clicker, garage door opener, etc you have inputted a 'decimal' number that logic gates convert to 'binary' number. The fact is, man lives in a decimal world, while computers live in a binary world. They speak the language of (BCD) 'Binary Coded Decimal'. I would say that logic gates have no greater importance than decimal to binary conversion and BCD back to decimal.
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I think that this circuit will fill the bill of your real world application. Imagine that we're in an industrial setting. Also imagine that we have a large motor that drives a conveyor belt. Then also imagine that we don't want this motor to run until four events from somewhere else in the plant have occurred. This circuit will wait for all four switches to be closed before the output of the NAND gate goes low. The inverter is used to invert the logic to drive the base of an NPN transistor - that then energizes a relay - that turns on the conveyor motor.


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