Real-time video signal processing

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I'm trying to extract two video signals (from 2 DVD players, for example) in real-time and interlace the frames with each other (frame 1 of DVD1, then frame 1 of DVD2, frame 2 of DVD1, and so on...). I tried to do it using matlab, but not in real time; took two videos and interlaced the frames with one another... it worked, but I suppose Matlab's too slow for real-time compiling. The ideal case would be to use a programmable microchip like a DSP (a PIC32 maybe?) to do the whole operation... Anybody has an idea what type of chip can perform real-time video signal processing? I tried looking on the net for video signal processing chips but couldn't find any...Any suggestions about implementing the real-time frame interlacing operation are welcome (doesn't have to be done using chips, but it would be nice if it did)...