Reading the neets modules, where do i go from there?

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Hello to all, I have been trying to do this electronic thing for well over a year and i still feel like i have not gotten past the start line. I have good intentions and try not to be as lazy as i am but it happens.
At first i thought it was the book i was reading till i bought a second book. While reading the second book i noticed that there were things in the second book that were not in the first book on the same subject.
Then i came across the neets manuals which were much easier to read and had good structure to me. So i have been reading the neets first module and am almost done with the second chapter.
I would like to know once i am done with the neets modules would i be better off reading one of my other two books on electronics? Would i be better off just tinkering with small projects to get the hands on experience?
What i wanted to do, was once i completed the first module of neets to then read the same subjects in one of my electronic books. Then go on to the second neets module, then go back to the electronics book and like i did with the first module.
I know you can only read so much before you have to actually physically engage in it. But i feel that i need to master or know all there is about each subject in electronics. examples magnetism, atomic structure, electrostatics ect, ect. Or does one only need to know the basics of the subjects instead of memorizing definitions to memory?
So far in the neets modules i memorized jsut about all the definitions in the first chapter. There are not that many but that is why it took me so long to get through the first chapter. I feel i have to know it all to be able to consider myself good at electronics. Sorta like you cant talk the talk or walk the walk unless you know it. Thanks guys.