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Hello again
I have recently found a schematic i have been looking for, if you look at this link (because i am not sure how to post pictures)

The parts that say "IC 2, pin 1, IC 4, pin 14" in the top left corner, what does this mean? it appears again in the bottom left does this mean that these pins on this IC have to connect to this specific wire?

Please help if you can Thanks



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The top connections apply the 5 volt Vcc to the CD4049 pin 1 and the 74LS74 pin 14. The lower listing is for ground connections. It's always worth getting data sheets for components so you have full information about their functions and needed connections.

As to posting pics -

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I think you are correct in thinking that the wires need to be connected to those specific chips and pins. Those are the power and ground connections for the ICs in this setup.

The top connection is +5V. IC5 is a voltage regulator whose output is 5V. The connections on the bottom are ground.

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thank you
i thought it was pretty straight forward, it says this pin here so it goes here, simple, and thanks for helping me with the attachment thing, im gonna test it now anyway but thanks, One more quuestion, i am currently using the program Crocodile Pysics 601 to build my circuits to see if they work, and then if they do i etch the PCB, however for this circuit and some others there are IR transmittera and receivers involved and Crocodile Pys dosen't do this. Does anyone know of a program that does?
Or can i update Croc Phy?

Thanks, Chris



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Cadsoft Eagle has been pretty popular with hobbyists; they have a freeware version that's limited in the size of board it'll make (3"x4") and just two layers - but enough for many hobbyist needs.

There are more available; see our Electronic Resources forum.