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    Jan 12, 2009

    Does anyone know about a good book (a dummies book for all I care) that can help with refreshing how to read maths (probably vague so I'll provide an example):

    This is from a google book about poincare maps:

    Consider the follwing ODE:
    \dot{x}=f(x),   x \in\Re^n
    f:U \rightarrow \Re^n is C^r
    First line would read as: the first derivative of x equals the output of the function f of x where x is an element of all real numbers something

    The second line would then read as:
    Where f something U then the real numbers something is part of a complex number set?.

    As you might guess, my math "speak" is a bit rusty and I was wondering if people have some recommendations for books that handle with the "speak" problems?

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    Jul 7, 2009
    That notation is standard and acknowledges that it's important when specifying a function to also specify the domain and range (also called the image) of that function. It also helps to look in the book for a glossary, index of symbols, notation page, etc. For example, the book's glossary explains what C^r is.

    In this case, the "translation" is that the function f maps (that's what the arrow means) the open set U which is a subset of \Re^n into \Re^n and that f is also a member of C^r.

    A trip to a local university library will uncover lots of suitable books. With determination, you can also eventually figure out the notation by studying stuff on the web (this might be a starting place). Here are some books that I know to be pretty good that will probably get you going (I'm giving these solely because they happen to be on my bookshelves):

    "Introductory Real Analysis" by Kolmogorov and Fomin (an inexpensive Dover book and one of the excellent translations of R. Silverman).

    "Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics" by Grimaldi.