Reading JPEG file header to retain the image from SD

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    Sep 8, 2006
    Hi all,

    After a long gap i backed to my forum,
    I'm working with the TFT lcd module development featured with SD interface. Already I done dislpaying BMP images from the SD to LCD by simply reading the BMP header and manipulating the RGB infm and displaying them in the LCD. I'm using C8051F124 MCU with the macronix flash. Coming to the point. I like to display even the JPEG images to add strength to my module after struggling :confused:a bit i fou nd how to read the JPG header info (SOI, APP0, DQT, DHT, SOF, SOS, EOI).
    The image can be compressed in different methods, but in my image it was compressed in Baseline DCT method. Even i finished of reading the markers and segments i can't re-construct my image from those informations. components used in the information was CYbYr format and also i've quantization table also.

    Short and neat question is,;) How to get back the JPEG images stored in SD using MCU (without using any bmp to hex converter like that)

    Anybody came across such a work or anybody shined on that, :)please suggest me to proceed.