READ only serial data from device using LabView

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I am new to Labview and need some help to create a serial communication between an ECU and my PC using LV. I am using an RS232 connection. The ECU continuously sends data from port 2 and what I want to do is to read the data in the read block in LB. I don't mind in which form they're going to be displayed. Data are 16bit running in 57600 baud rate. Therefore they will be send as two different blocks of 2 x 8bit because of the RS232 protocol. There's header and check sum also. I know that I need to save the data in a buffer and re-receive the data and buffer it again and so on (only need the last data packet to be buffered and delete the data previously in buffer) but I don't know how to implement it in LB. Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank You