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Michael Lin

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Hi All,
If my force sensor operates in the range of 0 - 500g and has a sensitiviy of 0.1mV/gram (or 0.2mV/V/gram), how can I interpret this senstivitiy as mv/Newton? What does this sensitivity value mean to me exactly?



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It's kind of an apple and orange situation. Grams are a measure of mass; Newtons are a measure of force. Obviously, a mass of X grams will exert a force of Y newtons on a sensor under the acceleration of gravity.

My physics book gives a Newton as equal to .2248 pounds. I'm not sure of the equivalence of grams to pounds.

The stated sensitivity I can make sense of is the latter. If the sensor has 10 volts excitation applied, and one gram placed on it, then the electrical output will be 2 millivolts.

What it means to you exactly is something for you to determine.