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    Feb 20, 2011
    Unfortunately this thread was locked before I hit Submit, I suspect this will be locked or deleted but I wished to post this...

    Considering the help I have recieved it saddens me to read the previous post. Really didn't think that it would be suggested I just give up. I'll admit, I am a electronics novice but that is why I am here, trying to get help from some very knowledgeable people and trying to my hardest to understand things.

    I didn't mention in this thread no, so for all intents and purposes the circuit could have been for anything. The automotive link would not have been made without your links and without the mention it is an automotive circuit it falls within the rules, even if my previous threads didn't. If I had posted the circuit as it stands now asking for help and not mentioning its placement, the thread wouldn't get locked.

    Protections are in place in the form of fuses, they just aren't shown on the schematic as they have no bearing on the operation of the main circuit when on the protoboard. If this is wrong and they do or additional protections are needed then hopefully someone could mention them.

    Without wishing to cause an arguement, it just seems to me as if you're out to get the thread closed regardless so I don't have a chance really. I'm sure the mods will now see this and have no choice but to close it. I'm sure they are aware of my previous threads, and this one but this one has remained open. Now the choice has been made for them. I fail to see why the reply has been posted if there was nothing constructive to say. Sorry if that offends, by no means is it my intention, just my thoughts. Apologies if it has and apologies to the mods.

    It is a shame.
  2. SgtWookie


    Jul 17, 2007
    You have to look at things from the Board owners' perspective. Automotive topics are no longer allowed on these Forums, as was decided by the Owners.

    Since February 20th, you have had a total of three threads which had a total of 146 replies prior to them being closed after nearly four months regarding a rather simple circuit that you still cannot get to work, even "on the bench". And your intent (as stated in the 1st two threads) was to install it in an automobile.

    I really don't know why the Moderators appeared to be so lenient in your case; perhaps they simply had so many threads to read, they did not realize that they were all automotive mod related.

    However, it's taken care of now.

    Automotive modifications are really not something that hobbyists, particularly beginning hobbyists, should attempt. There are simply too many safety and reliability issues at stake. In any event, discussions on such modifications are against the Terms of Service of this Board, and will cause such threads to become closed as soon as a Moderator recognizes it for what it is.

    I find it very distasteful to "put anyone down" or to make negative connotations about another persons' abilities, however it has been made painfully obvious to me that you simply do not have the required skills to attempt such a project; particularly one that controls required safety equipment like side-view mirrors on an automobile.

    My intent was not to belittle you; it was to discourage you from attempting a project that is considerably beyond your abilities to ensure that it is safe in an automotive environment. Even professional automotive engineers make mistakes that cause multiple millions of dollars of damage and cost automakers hundreds of millions more in recalls to fix the defects. A "newbie" has very little chance of constructing a safe and reliable circuit for automotive use, even with some pretty experienced guidance.

    We can't discuss automotive modifications on this forum. Continuing discussion on your project is against the TOS. If you feel you simply MUST complete this project against my best advice, you will have to seek help on that project elsewhere, as automotive modification discussions are not permitted here.

    It's not like I'm out to "get" you. I am trying to help you, by attempting to discourage you from attempting this modification. Since it never went beyond the breadboard stage, you probably didn't cut into your vehicle's wiring, which by itself would cause reliability problems either immediately or over time; and the more you change, the worse the problems will get.

    I am not a stranger to this type of thing. I started off in electronics when I was a kid. I was trained as a radar systems/missile fire control technician on F-4 Phantom fighter/interceptor/bombers many years ago, and have worked on many other fighters/bombers/spacecraft/missiles/etc. since then. I am trying to protect you, and others around you, from your aspirations.

    Like I have already said, my last reply to that thread was to discourage you from attempting completing the project, as you were very much more likely to do harm than good. That is one of the reasons WHY the ban of discussions on automotive modifications was placed in the TOS; this forum is primarily intended towards beginning to intermediate level electronics hobbyists, who really need to work on "safe" projects for a long period of time before attempting more advanced projects; and automotive modifications require engineering design and testing which we simply cannot provide; besides there is no way that we could verify that proper materials, workmanship, etc. were used in the completion of such projects.

    If you attempt to continue discussion on topics that are forbidden, the Moderators may decide that you have outlived your welcome here, and ban you. I really don't want that to happen to you, nor myself.

    I follow the rules of the Board. If I didn't agree with a particular rule, I can go to another forum if I choose to do so - but it is not my place to contest the rules, and I don't have a problem with the rules to begin with.

    If you wish to stick around, you're welcome to do so. Just don't bring up automotive modification projects (or any other on the #6 TOS list) again. And do give up on the mirror project; it will just cause you grief.
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    Feb 20, 2011
    It feels I have already outstayed my welcome to be honest and I therefore shall cause no further problems. I feel that is all there is left to say on the matter.

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    Jul 1, 2008
    Like Sgt. Wookie, I've been an electronics professional for a very long time. A bit longer than the Sarge, only because I'm a tad older than him. During this time (about 2 years) I taught industrial electronics to a mixed bag of students, ranging from senior citizens to high school kids, male and female alike. My professional opinion of you is that you're a good student. Unlike many who post here, you answer questions and follow instructions. This may seem only logical to you but I can assure you that it's not the norm on AAC or any of the other forums I'm a member of, including programming forums. Any of the old-timers here can attest to how irritating and frustrating unresponsive Op-s can be. This doesn't mean that I endorse nubes messing with automotive electronics. AAC's TOS must be adhered to.

    Please reconsider leaving, as AAC has much to offer you; free of charge. Personally, I would not find any gratification in seeing someone with potential go.
  5. JoeJester

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    Apr 26, 2005

    I don't know what country your in and I'm sure all the countries have their own version of 49CFR571.108, the standard for automotive lamps and associated equipment.

    It's not we wouldn't discuss such topics, but every professional here has an ethical duty towards safety. The posters asking such questions are typically unaware of the Code of Federal Regulations I've already cited. Top that with some individual states requirements, it is very difficult to keep abreast of all the requirements. Add to that the world wide standards, as this is a world wide resource. Who is to say some other country's regulations are consistent with those in the U.S.? No one.

    Safety encompasses a gamit of subtopics when it comes to automotive, from the minimum durability tests, the lumens required for the lights, and lens size ... to name a few things. I'll bet none of the hobbyists, like yourself, never heard of those requirements, let alone considered them when they embarked on these "cool" automotive type projects.

    Leaving this forum is an option. You might even get your questions answered elsewhere. Should you go that route, remember to check with your government regulations so your project is compliant with the law.

    Your more than welcome to stick around.

    I hope you understand the decisions to prohibit certain topics have been thought through by the owner and the moderators. Yes, some users expressed their opinions as well.
  6. CitrPug

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    Feb 20, 2011
    Just to clarify, it isn't a lighting modification. I'm fully aware of the requirements for lighting and other automotive aspects here in the UK. I'm handy with spanners myself so all my own work is done so am aware of the legality surrounding automotives.

    CDRIVE - many thanks for your encouragement.