RCA stereo -> dual mono on one stereo mini plug

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    Mar 7, 2011
    Hi folks, I'm Stew. Sorry to intrude, but this forum showed up fairly prominently in my Google searches and I bet some of you circuit guys know how to solve this.
    Go get a sandwich or a drink, I don't know how to make this short...

    Been searching (using questionable perameters certainly) for about an hour and only found one thread that almost covered it, but it ended just when it looked promising.

    Here's the project. I owe my Dr a favor, and since I leave Home Theater and Stereophile magazines lying about the waiting room he volunteered me to fix up his office sound system.

    Like this guy: http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/showthread.php?t=35905
    I'm dealing with one speaker in each of six zones (ahem, rooms).

    What is there now: One large old boom-box with AM/FM, CD, cassette, two speaker outs ( L and R ) and a stereo mini plug input I used for the new 'Internet Radio' box I set up for him.
    The speaker outs on the boom-box amp go into a 4 way speaker switch, left or right from the stereo signal is sent randomly to the various zones. Not cool right there (according to me, but he hasn't a clue), plus he'd like individual volume control of each zone.
    The volume control is easy, I buy a cheap 6 zone speaker selector with knobs. Done...not quite...
    There's that stereo issue. The boom-box has no provisions for putting out a mono or dual mono signal and niether does the I-net radio box.
    To make things easier, the only input this guy will be using from now on is the internet radio input (his iPod and computer music files, all from me BTW, will go through this device).

    I could spend a good deal of cash on a nice Ebay sourced Crestron or Niles rig, but that ain't gonna happen. I have to get the stereo rca's from the new Internet Radio box to turn into a dual mono signal on a single stereo miniplug.

    How do I do that? Can I buy a box or am I going to have to build something? I'm more of a 'plug stuff in' kinda guy, but if needed I can solder together some bits and make it look nice with a box and/or shrink tube.

    So waddaya think? Any of you circuit types willing to help this old, clueless <snip> out?

    Thanks a bunch, and I hope you all are having a great Carnival/Mardi-Gras!
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  2. Kermit2

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    Feb 5, 2010

    all you need is a small radio in each room. With more than one transmitter you could 'tune in' different music programs in each room. The small radios would all have volume control as well.

    Expandable - no limit except distance.

    Transmitter $30
    Pawnshop boom boxes $10-$25
    Total - cheaper than a multizone amplifier with multiple volume controls
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    Mar 7, 2011
    Thanks, but no I longer need to adapt the input.
    I just noticed that many old Creek and NAD integrated amplifiers have a button to make the output stereo. Probably others too, but these I put eyeballs on. I guess that figures considering many audiophiles sing praises for some of the old mono LP's.
    The amps are readily available on Fleabay very cheap, as are 6 channel speaker selectors w/vol.

    This way I make use of the pre-wired speakers and add a much nicer sounding amplifier. I should be able to pull off the project for less than $100. But I won't get to learn any cool circuits.:rolleyes: