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    Jun 29, 2010
    Hello. I need some help with an RC Filter that im troublshooting. The filter is between the + and - outputs of a high voltage DC power supply. The power supply is capable of up to 750VDC. The filter consists of 2 resistors R1 4.7Ω50W, R2 4.7Ω50W and C1 470nF/2100V. These components are in series with the resistors first and starting from + to -. I have found a source for the resitors which are a direct replacement, however i am having trouble sourcing out the capacitor which appears to be an Aluminum Elec with wire lead terminals on either end of it. When the power supply becomes active there is a short between the output. i have isolated equipment and cables related to this ciruit and after talking with the manufacturer i am pointed to the components in this circuit. Unfortunately these are hard to access on the peice of industrial equipment that it pertains too and is very difficult to get the OEM information of the capacitor. The question that i have is: Can i change the resistance values of R1 and R2 to accomodate a different value C1? i really apprecaite the help.

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    The answer depends on what you are using the supply for, and why you need the filter.
    You posted this in the Homework section. Is it really homework?