RC Car Control System Help

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Hi Guy's,

    I'm trying to make a control system for an RC car using a PIC microcontrollers that will turn on and off lights and control the drive and steering of the car.

    I've been trying to build it based on a speed controller I found here and a speed controller that takes a servo signal input (like the RC reciever output) which I found here.

    You can find my circuit here.

    The problem I'm having is with the programming (basically I don't know what I'm at), I have modified the code from the site above trying to make it control the motor. Basically when the user moves the joystick the RC Receiver signal changes frequency, depending on that frequency the motor should move and change speed using PWM. This is done using two pins, pin 18 turns the motor on or off and pin 1 controls the direction.

    Currently my program turns the motor on full and doesn't turn it off again. You can find the .Hex and .asm files here.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated,

    Kind Regards,