RC Air Horn System

Discussion in 'Wireless & RF Design' started by AcedaAce, May 27, 2013.

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  1. AcedaAce

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    May 23, 2013
    Ok guys, I'm totally new around here so, HI ALL! I thought this would be a good forum for my idea. I need some peoples interest/advice on this plan I conceived in my head.
    It is a 120V Remote Control Air Horn to be mounted in a hockey arena.
    What I found online is a chinese online manufacturer of RF systems(have concerns with them, but will address later.)
    I was gonna draw a schematic(might still if you guys have no idea what im talking about.
    Ok so here's the route...
    1. Air Compressor (120v, just plugged in anywhere)
    2. Air line runs to a Normally Open Electric Solenoid Valve (120V/1A) (This is just a backup safety feature to shut down if necessary)
    3. From that runs to a Normally Closed Electric Solenoid Valve(120V/1-2A)
    2. + 3. Both these are run by a 2CH AC 110V RF Momentary Remote Control Set (http://www.rfcontrolsystem.com/index...roducts_id=318) (Maximum Working Current: 4A / each channel)
    4. The air line would then continue on to the Air Horn.

    I have a few concerns with this. One is the RF Control system is Chinese made and probably wouldnt confrom to any CSA ratings, but this is all I can find online for this type of device. Does anyone know any other place to get remote control like this? I sure like the price of it.
    Would this work as good as I'm thinking it would work? Would there be any interferece with the RF 315mhz? car starters, etc?
    Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance, cant wait to hear what you guys think.
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