RAM in ModelSim

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    Dec 24, 2009

    I am newbie in the field of Model Sim.

    I got the following verilog files related to memory simulation,

    220model.v-----Contains LPM models
    altera_mf.v----contains ALTSYNCRAM
    ram.v----------'Quartus wizard generated' verilog file
    contents.ver---memory contents

    Can anybody suggest the "steps" to be performed in ModelSim PE Student Edition 10.0
    with above five files for simulation and waveform analysis ?

    NB: ram.v contains the statement "altsyncram_component.init_file = "E:/OFDM/work/ModelSim/contents.hex".
    But in my hard disc no such file or directory exists, but have contents.ver

    Please give me a solution.