Rain sensor for car windows

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Hello everyone! My first post here but I've been reading and poking around for while.

I am trying to add a unique function to my car and would really like some help with a circuit. I am trying to use a rain sensor to automatically roll my windows up when my car is parked with the windows cracked.

I already have the rain sensor (Raintracker RT-50A) and my car has "comfort closure" which means If I can send my lock wire a a double pulse & hold signal for 10 seconds and all my windows will close.

So basically I would like to take a 12V signal from my rain sensor and turn it into a double pulse & latch for 10 seconds. However I need the circuit to shut down after it finishes this cycle and reset only when I enter my car again for example. So its not constantly triggering my windows during a rain storm.

Circuit wise i'm very comfortable with relays (never actually used a latched relay or a timed relay though). I also am just diving into MOSFETS P & N channel. Also a few 555 timer projects!

Any Idea would be greatly appreciated!


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The word, "car" is poison on this site. Not allowed to discuss this. "Terms of Service" and all that. Sorry.


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Very true -
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