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    I'm a final year student in a Polytechnic in ghana and I intend to design and construct a Transmitter for my final year project. can any one help with the background of study of an rf transmitter?
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    Since you are in your final year then you should have learned all about designing a radio transmitter. Or did you skip many classes?
    If you did not learn about a radio transmitter then design and construct something you learned about.
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    If I had to pick one book to help build a first transmitter/receiver it would be:
    Experimental Methods in RF design by Hayward et al.

    an out of print book is Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur by Hayward

    Go as simple as your project requirements will allow.

    -Low power (less than 1 watt, 100 milliwatts is pretty easy to do with cheap transistors like 2n3904 or 2n2222 or equivalent)

    -low frequency RF (stay under 10 Mhz) as it is much easier to get it working

    -CW rather then AM or SSB

    -use a crystal oscillator (as building fairly stable LC oscillators requires a bit of experience).

    Don't copy for your project, but use or build the examples to learn from.