For Sale Radio parts kit for sale, looking into some ICs from ewaste PCBs

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    Apr 28, 2012
    I have a new parts kit for sale, containing Radio parts like coils in the few uH range.
    These are almost all vintage parts 20+ years old.
    I cant advertise them as items for some reasons. So ive collected parts for this item over more than one year.

    Recently I got some industrial ewaste PCBs the lot also contained a few consumer electronic PCBs.

    Im removing ICs from them, look them up, and will try to sell the used ICs. If successful I will get more as new parts.
    But there are obsolete kinds or ICs difficult to buy.

    For instance heres one television IC the SAB3013
    Its a serial port 6bit, 6 register DAC. Primitive.
    I found the datasheet from the East German equivalent

    Anyone wants this IC?

    Then Ive removed a 80C188 today from industrial computer board, together with a PLCC GAL and PLCC Flash, a memory IC as TSSOP, and various SMD 74XX parts.

    Any bids for the whole lot? Such ICs normally are fairly resilent to desoldering I did remove the 80C188 with 50W broad tip next to impossible but succeeded.

    There was a switching regulator LM2576 incl coil, capacitors and DPAK dioes. Offers? I think of $1 or $2 maybe.

    Shipping fee is $4 flat. As always, lots and parts can be combined.

    If you look my ebay I have many kinds of ferrite parts such as EMI filters and SMPS transformers, no datasheet, so I take offers on them if the price is too high.