Radio Feq.

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I'm a beginner in doing electronic design with radio frequency application. can somebody tell me please an overview of what radio frequency is and how it works?
I needed it so badly for the development of my design concept. Thanks a lot.



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Radio Frequency circuits are typically circuits that operate at very high frequencies like in the gigahertz range... I'm not sure what else you want to know?


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battousai, long time no hear - i guess you had been busy with your "studies " of slrig.

hi algor,

at what range are you planning to operate, hertz- kilohertz - megaherzt - gigahertz and which side receiving or transmitting.

have you an experience making even an AM/FM radio?

pls. be specific, radio frequency application is a very wide field. ;)


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Hi Algor,

You hit a very broad topic. A very condensed version of Maxwell's work says that a moving electric field creates a moving magnetic field, which in turn creates a moving electric field, etc.. Thus electromagnetic radiation takes place.

While radio frequency (rf) is usually thought to be measured in tens of kiolhertz and up, propagation can take place at any frequency. One extremely low frequency station operated by the Navy runs at 7 Hz. It sets up a standing wave around the earth - that's one wavelength - and can slowly get messages to submarines at great depth.

Conceptually, rf involves sending power at a distance. It takes a tuned circuit to receive the radiated power as a resonance effect - like striking a tuning fork and holding it near another that will start to vibrate due to resonance. The rf can be used to transmit information by means of a modulation that can be separated from the carrier frequency in the reciever. Think of broadcast commercial radio and television.

The radiated power drops in an inverse square relationship. Think of getting transmissions from mars when the transmitter can only radiate a couple of watts. You're just starting to scratch the surface of some interesting stuff.