radio controlled hummer with xbox 360 controller

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Metalic soulja

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Hey guys,
I am building a radio controlled hummer at about 1:4 scale if i remember correctly (1014mm X 390mm). So far i have the chassis cut out but that is about it. I want to use an xbox 360 controller to control it with a pc xbox wireless receiver which will plug into a laptop onboard the car. It then needs to be programmed to run the motor (or motors as ill probably have 2), lighting, audio and possibly the movement of a camera and a screen. I am looking at a microcontroller called the motor-bee ( and another called the maxi-bee ( If i could i would also like to be able to control it with an ipod touch (wifi). Is this the way i should do it? are there cheaper or better ways? anything else you think i could add?
Any help, suggestions or criticism is greatfull :D