Radiant Energy Device Not So Free

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Hi everyone! Recently I have gotten a bug to build a radiant energy device with 1N34A Germanium Diodes. Starting small I will require four diodes and four capacitors. Normally I get most of my components from Mouser Electronics. As I checked out, I found shipping to be approx. eight dollars to ship eight components! I am most likely going to order anyway. As a student seeking into the knowledge of electrons, robotics and computer science. Can anyone give me any ideas on what else I should order? I was wondering if there is a general component list that may be in everyones inventory. Eventually as I get matured into the field I may have more components than I know what to do with! Thanks for any responses!


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Definitely, one of the most important accessory for electronics experimentation is a breadboard. You can buy a single solderless breadboard or "Wishboard"


To experiment with simple CMOS logic gates, transistors etc, get a 9V battery and a battery clip. You will need an assortment of wires of different colors, 22 AWG or 24 AWG. A CMOS 555 timer chip, some resistors, capacitors and LEDs are good fun to play with for starters.

At one well known supplier, if you spend over a certain $ amount shipping is free.


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If you check out Volume 6 of the AAC book you will find a lot of tips for these kind of projects. The like is shown above. I've written most of the 555 articles for it, along with a few others TBA.

What part of the world are you? You will find most of the old hands put it in their profile, among other things it helps recommending sources for parts.