Rack enclosures

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Neil Groves

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On the subject of rack mounted cases, i remember a long time ago when electronic music was in it's infancy (1980's) there were many projects in magazines that used rack casing, i have found rack casing but can't find the type that is slim and stack side by side, like the ones used for early modular synths, you know one for the VCO, one for the VCF, one for the VCA etc, they would be ideal for my syntom project, any idea's where i might find these?



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In the nuclear instrumentation industry we use something called NIM bins and NIM modules (Nuclear Instrumentation Modules). When I first encountered these I though it was the cleverest thing. The NIM bin or crate supplies AC power and DC, +/-6V, +/-12V and +/-24V to each module. All signals are routed from the front panel using BNC connectors and 50-ohm or 93-ohm coax cables.

Here is an example of what they look like:


I believe the audio industry has something similar.