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    Feb 13, 2010
    Hey guys,

    I'm in a basic physics class, and we're into electronic circuits. I know how resistors and such work, but not really much about anything more advanced. Our latest project lab has these req's...

    4 "question" buttons and 4 "answer" buttons. Press the question, while pressing (one) answer. If it's the right answer for that question, an LED lights and a meter swings.

    If it were only that easy... Now for the hard part. If the answer is wrong, a buzzer sounds.

    So, beyond dropping in 4 wires per question switch, each with a diode in place (to make answers not linked to one another), I'm at a loss as to how to finish this project. I went out and bought a RS electronics lab, fiddled with that, tried all sorts of things with ICs and such, and can't get anything to work in the correct manner.

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