quick way to get Thevenin voltage

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    Mar 7, 2013
    Please see my attached file.
    This is a text from my textbook:
    To calculate V_{Y}, we note that M1 drivers M2 as a source follower and replace V_{in1} and M1 by a Thevenin equivalent: the Thevenin voltage V_{in1}= V_{T} the resistance R_{T}=\dfrac {1} {g_{m1}}.

    I see that the book mention this problem is very simple and the solution to get Thevenin voltage and resistance aren't given.
    I had to draw two small signal models of M1 and M2 to figure out the value of Thevenin voltage and resistance.
    Therefore, I think you, experts, do you have any quick way to get the Thevenin voltage and resistance? Or you also have to draw small signal model as I did?