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I had several PCB fabricated recently and I am in the process of soldering manual switches onto the boards. There is a large number of switches per board making, and I was wondering if there is any harm if I use a little bit of Elmer's glue to hold the switches in place while I solder them.

I was also considering using hot glue (since it melts at a higher temp), but there are no PCB traces on the top of the board where the glue will be placed so I thought Elmer's glue would be easier.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I normally use blu-tack to hold bits in place if they are a problem. If you careful, you can place a lot of parts, lay down the sheet of blu tack, solder and pull the sheet away.

No mess and no cleaning.


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I have little experiance with Elmer's glue, but i know hot glue is great with PCBs

to my knowledge i havent seen any research or reports of delaminations or other PCB deformations from using said adheasives

go crazy :), my only advice would be to read on how elmer's glue reacts to heat


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As long as the glue does not get involved with the wire or the metal you are soldering to, there is no harm and no foul. You need both sets of metal contact to be soldered as clean as possible though.