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Hi there, first post! Sorry for making it a request, this place looks like a good resource to have if I ever get into electronics but ehhh, the current design philosophy of making things purposefully break after a short while annoys the hell out of me. So I'm trying some small-scale repairs to.. stick it to the man, maan!

LCD moniters. 2 broke on me in a week. I'm getting thekit together to try and fix both, first off I'm replacing bust capacitors. But while I was checking the caps I noticed this on the power supply board (see attachment). The PCB around those uhh, voltage regulators I think, has been suffering heat damage so I'm buying some spares just incase. I've managed to get an account at a business only sorta electronics supply place, but they don't have the exact parts im after so what I need help with is working out some equivalents.

I've looked at the datasheets but I'm stumped, as they use alot of wierd acronyms etc.
that is what I need replacing, bear in mind it probably isnt too much trouble to use digikey or whatever you guys suggest and just get the exact part so feel free to say that. It might not even need to be replaced for all I know, could be normal for a ~2 year old moniter. so thoughts please if u have any! :)




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I wouldn't advise mucking about with high voltage power boards untill you know what you are doing.
Changing a fuse is on thing but fixing a switch mode supply are hazardous and difficult ... Not to mention prohibited discussion on this board.

I admire your spirit but I strongly recommend starting with something safer and simpler.
You will stay alive long enough to learn something that way ..



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My opinion is: Write down the part numbers in case those ever die, Oh..you already did...and glue a bit of aluminum to each one, being careful not to let the aluminum touch any other part or wire or the case when you put it back together. A couple of small heat sinks stolen off some dead TV parts would work. Being cooler can double or triple their life span.

They are rated at 30 volts maximum, so you are not going to have 600 volts arcing up from the legs to the heat sink like Frankensteins monster.


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I agree with #12. Get some thermal glue and even a couple of US pennies (there not good for anything else) and glue them to the IC's....if you can't find any other suitable sinking material.

Somewhere I heard that it costs the US taxpayers 2.7 cents for those 1 cent buggers that I either use as heat sinking or toss on the ground for little kids to find!

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alrighty then, i will ring someone beore actually doing any of it for safety tips, at the moment I'm just staying the hell away from that fat 400v cap, and that whole area of the board as the fuse doesn't look bust. And also calling it quits if replacing the caps + possibly mosfets dont work. Thanks for the advice :)