quick battery charging question

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so i have A Long sealed Lead-Calcium 12V 4Ah battery(specificly Long model: WP4-12). i know absolutly NOTHING when it comes to charging batterys. can i charge the battery with a car battery charger? if so, should it be set on 2A or 10A(i imagin 50A is way too much)? can i hook up the battery to my car via jumper cables and charge it that way? and can i check it with a multimeter to verify its done charging?

in the near future the battery is going to power a 100w inverter to charge my laptop when i can't find a power outlet or in my car. in the distant future its going to power the onboard electronics for a wifi RC car, but thats another thread ;)


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Lead Calcium.... Sorry, don't know that one. I would have thought being sealed 12v 4ah it might be a SLA (or sealed Lead acid battery) which are normally charged with a regulated voltage of around 13.5 volts.

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yeah its getting to be a pain to find info in this battery, lol. i found that 14.8v seems what it would like to be charged at, but i still don't know about the current. should it equal to or exceeded the 4Ah rating of the battery?


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Each battery type can accept some maximum rate of charge that depends on chemistry. Lead-calcium is absolutely new to me. Is there a manufacturer's name attached to the battery? If so, they probably have a spec sheet on it that gives charging information.

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In general terms; ( I, too, know nothing about lead calcium batteries - do you add milk? )

Batteries create electricity through a chemical proces;

Charging a battery is a reversal of this chemical process;

High current causes high temperatures;

High temperatures cause changes in chemical processes. Irreversible changes, like cookie dough before and after the oven...

So, as a rule, I charge batteries slowly. 2A for a motorcycle battery, 4A for a garden tractor, 6A for the Mustang, up to 10A for the Bronco or motorhome.

I'm guessing that would be the safe philosophy.