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    Jun 19, 2009
    I've been trying to use the IR2110 driver for an N-Channel H-Bridge config.
    I'm about to give up after reading everything I could find that folks have published on using this driver. I have a 12vdc power supply as +Bat. Here are my questions. Referring to the 1st page schematic on the IR2110 Data Sheet:
    1.What value caps are recommended for the com to Vcc and HighSide Source to Vb and do these caps need to be electrolytic.
    2. What diode is recommended for the Vcc to Vb connection
    3. I was using 5vdc from a regulator for Vdd. Is there any reason why I cannot hook the +Bat(12vdc) to Vdd.
    4. Any reason why I cannot hook Vcc directly to +Bat(12Vdc).
    5. I am using HPWM from PIC and getting about 4.25vdc amplitude and running at about 2k Hz. I am running the HPWM sig to HIN and running a True(High) from a PIC Pin to LIN for one diagonal of the bridge which would stay High as long as I want the motor to run in that direction. I'm not seeing any PWM at HO.
    6. Or should I run PWM to HIN and Inverse PWM to LIN as I have seen some do.
    7. What value should be used for the resistors running to the mosfet gates.
    Thanks John
  2. Tahmid

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    Jul 2, 2008
    1. Depends on your frequency. Can try with 22uF electrolytic with 0.1uF ceramic across it.
    2. Ultrafast/Schottky type. Can try with UF4007/BYV26.
    3. Depends on your input. Take a look at fig 12b in the IR2110 datasheet.
    4. You can do that.
    5. You wont, cause it's present "virtually". JUST FOR TESTING, remove the FETs, connect Vs to gnd and then check. Then remove the link from Vs to gnd and connect the FETs.
    6. Same thing, I guess.
    7. 10R to 22R. Connect an inversely parallel 1n4148 diode across it.

    Hope I could help.