Questions on a problem I am running into with a Behringer Subwoofer

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@#12 makes an excellent point!:) -- Please bear in mind, however, that should the 'hiccough' symptom indeed owe to PSU cycling, such represents 'advancement' of the original difficulty or a 'new' malfunction perhaps due to an over current condition inadvertently introduced during disassembly?
Or, more simply put, I broke it worse when taking it apart :D This is the assumption I came to eventually and it has been sitting in my basement gathering dust since. However, with this recent update...

Cartel do you think replacing the capacitors, cleaning up the sonybond/silicone, or some combination of the two got it to work again? Would you happen to have an after picture of the aforementioned redcap? I think I see what you mean in image 1798, but would love to both verify and see the post-cleaning result.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to this!!!


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I replaced the 470uf caps in the picture and it works.
I think they ALL need replacing though cause it was doing the thump thing again then just stated working all a sudden.
I thought behringer was quality but the decon caps are absolute trash.
The sonybond might have helped but its for sure the caps.
that thumping you hear is the amp safety kicking out, it checks and says "nope" every 5 seconds or so.