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    Dec 9, 2008
    Attached are the frequency shifter project.

    I am being confused by the connectors named MLXM4 on sheet no 2 and sheet no 3. What does "Bipolar Linear FM Input" mean? What does "Low Range Switch" mean? Is it just a switch to provide potential difference? What is the way to connect them?

    I appreciate the help from you all.
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    Looks like "MLXMn" is just a generic connector type thing in a library, where "n" is the number of pins. The creator of the schematics just used those as a "place holder" until an actual component was designated.

    I guess you got them from this page:

    Why don't you ask Henry, the author?
    From that page, go to the bottom and click the "Navigate up" link.
    His E-mail address will then show in a graphic at the bottom of the page.

    This thread is basically a duplicate of the other one you started here:
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