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Hi ,
I have troulbe with the second question of this problem.

A softball picher pitches a ball at 65 mph.
The distance from the pitcher's mound to home plate is 43ft, but the pitcher realeases the ball about 41 ft from the home plate.
a- How long does it takes for the ball to reach home plate? (I found it t=.43s)
b-A Good pitcher can make the ball curve left about 6 inches over the pitch distance. If this is due to a constant acceleration, what is its magnitude and which direction does it act?

need some suggestions.

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Im used to metric so Im not sure if my conversion is correct.

I will be working with feet and seconds

first 65mph = 95.33 fps (google)

a) The equation we will be using is d=vt. In this problem we have d and v. Solving for t we get t= d/v or t= 45/95.33.

t= 0.45s

B) for this problem we use d= 1/2at^2, we have d= 1/2 feed and t= 0.45s
solving for a gives us a= 2d/t^2

a= 4.93 f/s^2 to the left