Question on SMT part packaging?

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I've made a little board in Eagle using parts from the SFE and Adafruit libraries and I'm ordering parts from Digikey. I wan't to make sure I'm ordering the right parts.

On the BOM I have part C1:

Part Value Device Package Description
C1 10uF CAP_POL1206 EIA3216 Capacitor Polarized

and another 10uF capacitor:

Part Value Device Package Description
C6 10uF CAP1206 1206 Capacitor

Under "Device" both of the caps are 1206, but for package C6 is 1206 and C1 is EIA3216, which from my understanding means they're both the same, where 1206 is imperial and 3216 is metric. So could I buy this capacitor ( ... ND/2103160) and use it for both C1 and C6?

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Your link is broken but.. NO.. from your descriptions one "seems" to be polarized and the other does not or does not mention it.. What does your "schematic" show?..

But a 1206 is equivalent to a EIA3216 and a cap listed as either of those sizes will work on the same land pattern


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Get the part in question. Then solve your footprint question from there. Like making a new one or find the correct one the net. A trick I often use is to print out the PCB in 1:1 size on paper. And just place the components on the print to see the how it fits


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Also don't forget the voltage rating..very important..

and did you pick 1206 parts for a reason?
a 10uf cap comes in smaller and cheaper 0603/0805 packages too..


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If I am not mistaken, I believe on my most recent layout I purchased 0805 polarized caps but had to use 1206 footprint for hand soldering.