Question in electromagnetic induction.

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    If a conductor moves in a stationary magnetic field, an voltage is induced in the conductor. as a result a current flows in the conductor. direction of current is given by flemings right hand rule. direction magnetic field as fore finger, direction of motion of the conductor as thumb finger then direction of current is given by middle finger.

    Now assume, voltage is induced by moving magnetic field over a stationary conductor. How can i find the direction of the current in this case?
    What direction should i have to assume for the thumb finger??
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    Einstein would say it's all relative...
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    You use the same right hand rule for all 'generator' questions.

    The left hand rule refers to motors. That is when there is an impressed current and the result of the changing magnetic field is motion or at least force.

    Note that it is a changing magnetic field, not necessarily a moving one. This is because the change in the field changes the number of magnetic field lines intercepted by the conductor.
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