Question about uc boards with accelerometers, are there any?

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Are there any good demo/eval embedded battery powered uc boards that include triple axis accelerometer on board?

I'm trying out a little project and would like to do it for under $100, just a little motion sensor with an LED. Any ideas for an all in 1 or 2(daughterboard maybe ok) package for around that price range?


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If you search "accelerometer" at MikroElektronika you'll find a few dev boards that have those, plus some add on (or break out) boards with those. They also have some nice complete dev boards, together you're not even close to your $100 limit. You can use standard Microchip tools and compilers with them (you don't have to buy theirs).

I have their PIC32 display board and just love it, though I never ran it off batteries.

I believe Mouser carries them so you need not go direct where shipping is a bit expensive but damn fast.

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Check Sparkfun for accelerometer breakout boards. One of those plus a processor development board should be well within your budget. But can you deal with the programing?