Question about selection of NPN or PNP sensor component for PLC?

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I have a pressure sensor that I want to integrate into a PLC.

The pressure sensor has a programmable alarm out that I can wire into a PLC input.

The pressure sensor is available in NPN or PNP. What does this mean and how do I know which type to get?

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Ordinarily, I would think that it had to do with the output from the sensor. It would be a positive voltage from the NPN and negative from the PNP. That is just guesswork without looking at a data sheet. Can you provide the part numbers for the sensors?


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PNP gives positive voltage when active,

NPN gives negative(ground) when active,
most PLCs accept both Positive and Ground as input,
but in industry Negative is generated because of noise,
so I recommend u to use PNP, if the distance bitween sensor and PLC is far,