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    May 29, 2013
    hi everyone

    we know that faraday has discovered that the change in current (magnetic field) create an opposite voltage in the inductor.
    ok it's a experience

    but can i know why physically and by images if you can ??
    why oppose a change in current , and not in current itself (how)

    I didn't find any good explanation about self inductance or a book !!

    why we don't see in a transformer a result with a dc voltage but we do with an ac .

    if anyone can help ?

    thanx very much
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    Nov 30, 2010
    An inductor stores energy in a magnetic field. When the current is not changing (DC) the magnetic field remains constant. Only when the current changes, then the magnetic field must change to accomodate the different level of energy.

    With a transformer, you WILL see a change at the moment you apply the DC voltage, but the magnetic field will become stable very quickly and THEN you do not see any changes until you change the applied current.

    I know this is a partial answer, but it might help get you started in understanding.