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    May 1, 2013
    Hi there, I am currently a second year electrical engineering student in Canada. I am thinking about get into the field of RF engineering for my next year of study. However, from i have heard online, I am having doubts about getting into this field.
    Here are the doubts i have.

    1: Does this field required a PHD to get a really good job in CANADA. I am planning to do Master , but not PHD.

    2: What is job outlook for new graduates in RF hardware Engineering field?(compare to like digital electronic, power engineering) I will be doing a co-op this summer as a RF hardware designer. and mostly likely doing PEY next year, That would give me about 2 year experience in the field. I am having good GPA during school. How difficult for me get a job after graduation? I heard that Company is only hiring RF people with at least 8 years of experiences.

    3: If i decide to go into this field, What knowledge is required to success in this field? in other word, what course should i take?

    4: What kind of company is hiring for this position in CANADA.( I only know that company making phones are hiring RF engineer).

    5: I am also interested in the area of power engineering, Is possible to switch from RF engineering to power engineering in the future.

    Thanks ahead
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    Oct 23, 2010
    3. It is a highly mathematical field so take and be good at ALL levels of math.

    5. It is always possible but don't know the consequences in Canada.
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    Mar 14, 2008
    As wmodavis noted, you need a good mathematical knowledge of trig and calculus. Most engineering disciplines involve a lot of applied math.

    Switching from RF to power engineering would be difficult after you've had much experience in the RF field. For the power company it would be almost like hiring an engineer with no experience so they wouldn't want to pay much more than a beginning engineer salary.

    Whether you need a PhD over a Master's is difficult to say. I would expect that a Master's would be sufficient for many jobs. You might look at the ads for RF engineering jobs, both in major newspapers and on-line, to see what they want for education.