question about function in vhdl

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    Nov 2, 2012
    in vhdl for programming of fpga , instuctions excute concurrent but in some case they excute sequentioal . as i know , if we witre a code in function it will be excuted sequentioally. what about this typical code

    a<= 1;
    b<= 2;
    c<= 3;
    d<= 4;
    z1 <= a xor b;
    z2 <= z1 xor c;
    z3 <= z2 xor d;
    i know that if this code write in process with a specified clk there should be passed 4 clk for getting final amount of z3 .
    my question is : if i use this code in a function , what is the amount of z3 in end of firls clk . is it get the final amount of it with one clk?