question about designing a DC engine controller by PWM (( with atmega16))

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    Aug 18, 2010
    hi every one
    please take a look at this project... size is just 26 KB.

    i programmed my Atmega16 whit the hex file in this project. but i wanna know that is it enough (( to pruduce PWM pulses )) to programm the IC using the hex file or I should define some other parameters to run my DC engine (( using code wizard AVR in codevision ))


    and the other question is about the 30th pin of atmega 16 named (( avcc ))

    should i connect this pin to 5volt supply shen i connected the ((vcc)) to this voltage or i should release it...?

    in other word two wires for these pins (( vcc & Avvc )) or just one wire for VCC...??

    please do me a favour and answer my question