Question about AD conversion

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Hi. When I use PIC18F I usually use a 10k pot when I want to read a pot value. But now I am using a dspic33f microcontroller and the input impedance is much smaller - 2.5kOhms is maximum recommended for PIC18F, but for the dspic the maximum is only 200ohms! (To minimize the effects of pin leakage currents, it says). I have 6 pots Id like to read, but don't want to consume too much current. Has anyone got any recommendations?



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Well it seems you don't want to use six 200 ohm pots.

Only other choice I can see is to keep the higher value pots and add an op amp to each as a unity gain buffer. A low bandwith CMOS type amp should work nice and take a lot less current. Microchip actually makes some of these, I used one in a commercial product with good success.