Queries: Max31855 & equivalent better resolution IC

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    Feb 2, 2012
    I have below queries for Max31855 whose datasheet I have attached.

    1. Does accuracy given on Page 3 is after compensation or before

    2. Does IC can have ambient temperature of -40C to +125C & still
    provide the same accuracy?

    3. What is response time, i.e change in temperature of TC, then in how
    much time output register will be updated with this change? is it 70ms

    4. To get the temperature register updated what is the minimum time I
    have to keep CS pin high after one reading to bring CS pin low again?

    5.Can I use this IC as standalone ambient temperature measurement IC?

    6. If answer to question 1 is "after compensation", then on page 4
    "Internal Cold-Junction
    Temperature Error is +-2C at -20C to +85C".
    How does compensated temperature has same accuracy as of cold junction
    when former has addition of latter for final value?

    7. Does Maxim has better accurate IC & better response time IC for TC
    measurement which have full TC range & cold junction for -40C to 125C.

    8. Is there any sample code available for interfacing with MCU &
    reading data continuously?

    9. Is there IC with all specs same or better but better accuracy, resolution or response time