Quartz Crystal Frequency Divider

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First off, I want to say I'm very new to electronics. I've taken a year long course at school so I do understand most of the terminology, but actually building circuits is a bit complicated for my level right now.

So I thought I'd start with something "relatively" simple, a circuit which generates a 1 Hz frequency using quartz crystal. I'm finding it hard to understand frequency division, particularly on which IC I should use.

The quartz crystal I have has a frequency of 32768 Hz / 32.768 kHz

Can anyone give me some details on available IC's and/or links to any good tutorials?

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If you look at the first section of my digital clock you will see how to use a 4060 IC and a crystal...

Digital clocks

Without a oven or a variable capacitor to tweak it, it is holding 3-4 seconds per day accurate. Your results may differ.