Quantum Teleportation

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    Experiments have been done and have achieved TELEPORTATION of single particles Quantum in Nature. Now this as Einstein called this "SPOOKY" and had issues coming to terms with it's reality but this ability would remove the issue of the development and creation of a Room Temp. Superconductor that can actually be used.

    I personally think that relying upon any material to direct, conduct, transfer...etc...such Quanta is just a stop gap method to be used until there will no longer be a need for it.

    Granted this will take some time but given the rate of how quickly and exponentially Science and Tech. is advancing...ESPECIALLY in the arena of Computers as this arena is allowing everything from the Math to the Science and Engineering to move along as well as find better ways to move along than has ever been possible in the HISTORY of Humanity.

    If one looks back...people were using Horse and Buggy in a majority over just a tiny number of very poorly designed Auto's in the early 1900's. By 1945 we had developed Nuclear Fission for Bombs...unfortunately as well as the beginning of Nuclear Power. In the late 60's and early 1970's tape drive computers were being used by NASA and other groups as well as in 1969 we landed on the Moon.

    In the late 1990's and into the early 2000's....JUST ABOUT EVERYONE HAD A CELL PHONE. By 2003...Cell Phones with internet and digital video had become the tool of the people for getting the REAL STORY out on the Internet. By 2013...THIS YEAR...Congress initiated a PRACTICE SESSION involving just about every level of the U.S. Government...which detailed the release of information detailing the EXISTENCE OF EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS.

    I am NOT JOKING...this just happened.

    Now...at the rate of evolving Tech. I just detailed out...How long do you think...Bill...before Physical Circuits, Superconductive Materials and other engineered for Electronic Uses...devices and methods...will no longer be needed or employed?

    Split Infinity
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    This post was not about superconductors. Please stop trying to hijack other peoples threads.

    Again, sources. Where are the sources? Enquirer and hear say do not count.
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    OK, lets play along a little bit.
    Quantum 'TELEPORTATION' regarding Einstein is completely unrelated to the classical meaning of teleportation as there is no transfer of matter or energy involved.

    Quantum energy transportation is still completely theoretical and it may be possible to prove it experimentally. It's basically the theory that if you put energy into a set of entangled particles you can extract energy at a distant location of the separated members of that entangled set. Limitations: Still needs classical communication so no FTL properties are possible, doesn't violate conservation of momentum and energy, and decoherence would prevent it from being used at non-quantum scale matter/energy levels.

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    As I will apologize to Bill...as I am now viewing my reply...even though it was associated for the need of Superconductive Materials...Bill is right and my post should have been separated. Sorry about that Bill. I did not do it on purpose.

    The reason I did post it is I believe a method of Quantum Teleportation on a Non-Macro Scale...could provide the answers and capabilities to eliminate the need for Superconductive Materials.

    Split Infinity...p.s...Nice reply...nsaspook.