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    Hello, my name is Dan I am a student at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy NY.

    On the bottom of the first page I saw a device called "metal insulator insulator metal diodes".

    Is this two separate devices that might need a comma between them? (I don't know)

    So far I like this author, he has been pretty easy to follow along with compared to my hard-

    covered textbook and much more informative. I love this site. You guys and gals are doing

    a great job here. Thank's to all ya' all.

    P. S. ( I did'nt think I was'nt gonna drop by here as requested, but whadda ya know here I am.)

    Sincerely, Dan Donnelly Jr.
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    I think what we are talking about is on this page

    See figure and caption, "Metal insulator insulator metal (MIIM) diode: Cross section of diode. Energy levels for no bias, forward bias, and reverse bias.'' The wording you ask about refers to the layers in the diode drawing.
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    Jul 31, 2004
    I have updated the ibiblio copy for numerous corrections (not just for this thread) over the last few days. The list of affected files and images follows:
    DC V1:dcmeter.sml contrib.sml 00502.png
    AC V2:basicac.sml contrib.sml
    Semi V3: bjt.sml diode.sml contrib.sml theory.sml 03288.png 03304.png 03392.png
    Digital V4: boolean.sml contrib.sml