Qi Wireless Charger Debugging

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I am building a wireless charger based on bq500212A (datasheet here)
I used this evaluation board schematic to drive my own design.

This is supposed to be a raspberry pi 4 shield.

The schematics and board layout can be seen here:

One modification to the original project is that I am using a microcontroller to process the outputs from the charging chip.

Another aspect that is changed from the original is that I am not aiming for qi standard compliance yet (thus no FOD or thermometer).

The problem that I have now, after soldering the board and making sure the chip is powered up is that I do not receive and outputs to my microcontroller.

This is my board powered up:

The microcontroller works fine and communicates through the FTDI interface.

Please ask about any details and I will edit this post.


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I've built dozens of QI chargers and would never recommend using bq500212A because of two reasons: too complex circuit required and expensive. Use IP6808 - it's much easier and cheaper to make.