Q factor & Op Amp Analysis

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    Hello everyone!

    I have a couple questions. First one is about Q factor and the second one is calculating the input inductor for a circuit.

    First question:

    Given: R = 10,816 Ohm, m = 11.6, n=16.4, and C1 = C2 = C = 0.5 nF, calculate the value of Q of this filter. Express Q.

    Second question:

    Given: R1 = 13.5 kOhm, R2 = 13.6 kOhm, R3 = 3.4 kOhm, R4 = 13.6 kOhm, and C = 4.4 nF, calculate the equivalent input inductor for the circuit below.

    For the first one, I think its an integrator connected to a low pass filter? My approach would be to calculate the output of the first op amp and then make that the input of the integrator?
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    This is a significant amount of work - you need to show some attempt at your own working.

    In the first question you have to set up the circuit equations and derive the overall transfer function which will involve a second order polynomial. Form this you may deduce the Q. If the polynomial is of the form


    then Q=ω0/2a

    Nodal analysis is probably the best approach.